Pro Painted Podcast: INTRODUCTION - The Start of Something New

Excited Ramblings
I simply cannot describe the joy it brings me to be writing the first blog post for the "Pro Painted Podcast". This endeavor grew from decidedly random roots and involved that amazing collaboratory  tool - Twitter.

As some of you will be aware, I have frequented the Podcast world as an occasional addition to the (fantastic) podcast that is The Black Sun ( With the demise of the regular host format, and Chris churning out great weekly content I felt a little lost and specifically missed the camaraderie element of podcasting as a group.

Then came Age of Sigbrah's Gary Hennessey ( and a small comment on Twitter where he suggested me, Rob Ellis and Ian Gilmore do a podcast. I liked the idea, laughed, put it from my mind.

Then some people commented on twitter.

I thought about it some more.

I messaged Rob and Ian, and they loved the idea. We now find ourselves a few months down the line, we've …
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