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Pro Painted Podcast: INTRODUCTION - The Start of Something New

Excited Ramblings
I simply cannot describe the joy it brings me to be writing the first blog post for the "Pro Painted Podcast". This endeavor grew from decidedly random roots and involved that amazing collaboratory  tool - Twitter.

As some of you will be aware, I have frequented the Podcast world as an occasional addition to the (fantastic) podcast that is The Black Sun ( With the demise of the regular host format, and Chris churning out great weekly content I felt a little lost and specifically missed the camaraderie element of podcasting as a group.

Then came Age of Sigbrah's Gary Hennessey ( and a small comment on Twitter where he suggested me, Rob Ellis and Ian Gilmore do a podcast. I liked the idea, laughed, put it from my mind.

Then some people commented on twitter.

I thought about it some more.

I messaged Rob and Ian, and they loved the idea. We now find ourselves a few months down the line, we've worked out the 'important' aspects, logistics, costs, and hosting. We are ready to roll and as I am attending an event this weekend, I will be covering this on the podcast from an army/hobby perspective.

Brothers of Sigmar
As mentioned, this weekend will be a doubles event run by Jon Warmington (otherwise known as the naked dinner lady) at the Bristol BIG venue. My team-mate is the Dog-Father himself, Paul Buckler, and after many, many, many army changes we decided upon me taking Stormcasts and Paul taking his Kharadron Overlords. I won't speak for Paul but my list is as follows:

- Relictor - General
- Celestant on Stardrake
- 5 Judicators
- 5 Judicators

You may wonder why the Relictor is my general, the reason for is your general is not used in the first scenario - I kinda fancied using the Stardrake in all 5 games!

The only slight problem was that 4 weeks ago (when we decided upon lists), none of this was painted. Not only was some of it not painted, some if it was still sat in Biostrip - and I didn't actually own a Stardrake! This led to some frantic scrubbing and grabbing a bargain Stardrake off Twitter (which also needed stripping). Luckily for me Stormcasts are quick to paint, gold spray - wash - block  main details - done. However, not one for taking the easyt route I decided to stick to my Scythes of the Emperor colour scheme (based off the Scythes of the Emperor Space Marine chapter) which is black ....... and yellow. Enter the test mini:

The first 'Scythes of Sigmar' fresh from being Reforged

I am very happy with the scheme here, it is striking and different - but - it contains a lot of edge highlighting and glazes to get that rich yellow. Being a realist I decided it was best to get all the main colours basecoated and washed.

The yellow is Yriel Yellow airbrushed over a white undercoat. I then selectively washed the recess of the yellow armour with Seraphim Sepia before basecoating the black with Army Painter Warpaints Matt Black (IMHO the best black, GW Abbadon can snack a D). I went for purple tabards and plumes undercoated in Naggaroth Night, varying brown colours for straps etc and a dark metal basecoat of Leadbelcher. These areas were then all washed accordingly. I tackled the Stardrake last, which was painted in the same colours as above, other than I introduced a lighter purple - Xereus - on the underside of the Stardrake flesh and undercoated the horns with Zandri dust before a light wash of Reikland Fleshshade.


5 Judicators

Rarely seen - 5 more Judicators

Celestant on Stardrake

'Is this my good side?'

The bases were a standard combination of drab colours and a few tufts thrown in. Here are the 'finished' models ready for doubles.

I now have 3 evenings of potential painting to start adding highlights. Find out how much I managed to do on the first episode of the Podcast...